What lies beneath the canopies

You’re heading into unknown territory. You’ve heard the rumours. You decide to prepare your heavier Bass combo because you know it’s going to be tough terrain that supposedly holds unstoppable Bass. 2000 sized reel. 2-5kg rod. 10lb main line with 14lb leader. Things are about to get serious.

The alarm goes off at 4:20 AM. Your bass bro is sitting in your driveway waiting for you to get your gaiters on. You’re on the road. Within the hour the bass mobile is parked. The starting point for this mission is a measly 40 minute walk in. You’re up to your waist in long grass at times. You reach the starting point just as first light is breaking…

What I see amazes me, confronted with bass water equally epic as it is gnarly, all sorts of things run through my head. Within five casts I was on to a respectable sized Bass. Unfortunately up a high unsteady bank deliberating about the best way to land this beast, the Bass has splashed around on the surface so much that he’s secured his freedom. He spits the lure and swims away… after a short moment of silence and a hand on the shoulder from Dylan, I tell myself: “You’ve been in this position before, you know that the day is young and that you can’t let one missed Bass affect you.” We move on and reach a section of water no more than 5m wide. Epic undercut banks with trees lining the edges. You can’t even fathom casting in there, you know its suicide. You dare your Bass Bro (Dylan) to tea bag through a gap directly between two large trees. Dylan has no fear. He’s aware of the risks but he takes it on. I’m no more than a few metres away from him when he hooks up. SNAP. Sounds like his rod just broke. He’s visibly shaken. He checks his rod but its fine. Goodbye surface lure. Goodbye Bass!!

It wasn’t long before the first bass was landed. The smaller model landed on a soft plastic & razor edge lures jighead combo.

Donut breaker in the twighlight zone

A couple of hours later, Dylan makes his way down a bank. At first I was considering dismissing this particular spot as it looked too hard in terms of access. Dylan puts the effort in and crawls in near hands and knees and on his first cast he experiences a massive surface strike but no hook-up, he retrieves his Ando lures Bass Crawler and a Bass smashes the lure at his feet and busts him off all within a couple of seconds. Another surface lure lost! At this point Dylan urges me to come down and have a cast in to the same water. I’m uncertain as I’m mentally thinking that this spot is now finished however I take it on as I know there is a big Bass in there. First cast and I’m on. Rod is bent and I’m fighting this to the best of my ability. This time Team FishFlix win. I land what can only be described as a Wilderbeast Bass in the net. Dylan is stoked and I’m thankful that he prompted me to have a shot at this water hole. Yessssss!!!!

This healthy wilderbeast gobbled up a soft plastic with the lethal razor edge lures 1/16th dragonfly jighead + scizz tackle jigspinner combo

Fast forward 3 hours and we’ve reached the end of the road. We’ve just experienced an epic Bass session. Between us we caught approximately 20 Bass with the biggest model going  44fl (slightly over 47tip).

Team Fishflix & bass = perfect life

Im all smiles.. check out its belly!

We witnessed large numbers of smaller Bass chasing our lures. Dylan sight casted and caught a respectable sized Bass that he spotted cruising around in some stupidly shallow water.

ninja bass on the Ando Lures “cherry chin” mini crankz

Sight casted bass on the razor edge lure jighead + scizz tackle combo! this setup is so underated for bass!

A wild Goose that must have been cruising downstream appeared under a large tree jam just as we were on the other side of it. Suffice to say it scared the shit out of us and itself. It literally appeared out of nowhere less than 1m from Dylan’s face. The Goose freaked out and so did we. What a classic memorable moment that was.

One of our final special moments captured by dylan on the lens, we love aussie bass

Until next time, Ben.


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