When change pays off

Tim and I had high hopes for a barmy post Christmas celebration morning. The conditions looked ideal and our enthusiasm matched.

At around 5am we cast our surface lures just off our main creek route for the day. We had a few surface hits early creating small drops of adrenaline to wake us up. Without a solid hook up we commenced our journey into the lush terrain in search of our first bass. As the sun broke it didn’t take long for us both to land a small bass each to which we decided they were too small to photograph but happy for early “donut savers” either way. Big mistake. For the next five hours we endured a frustrating run of lack of action, missed strikes (and nice ones too!) and a few lost fish. Timmy’s frustration grew, puzzled as to why this creek wasn’t producing having managed a dozen a few days prior.

Tired, annoyed and a little over eating left over Christmas mince pies, we eventually made it back to our car and gave each other the “what next” look. The what next, was actually where next and after minutes of going back and forth and factoring in holiday traffic we decided on a change of plans to fish another local  creek not too far away.

As the sun came out in full force and the odds were against us we figured it was worth a try and with nothing to lose, I stuck with my surface lure and Tim switched to sub surface.
I managed to hook up to an average sized bass in the most unappealing of all bass hideouts but lost the Bugger before I could get too excited.

On midday, our luck turned, was it luck? Sometimes a change of plan can pay dividends

Tim got busted off by something feirce, losing lure and line.. I cast my surface lure to the edge of the same bank and surprisingly I was ON! It didn’t feel huge but put up a nice fight just before landing. My new PB (at the time) going 43 fork but very broad and healthy!

This bass had no hesitation taking on the 60mm “purple haze” bass crawler from Ando Lures

After the excitement and thrill of the catch we gathered our ourselves and kept on keeping on and Timmy managed a wonderful bass in the shade of the canopies!

Timmy sizing up his catch

The surprise of the afternoon was witnessing two more big bass following up to our feet as Tim pulled this girl in! It seems we stumbled across a bunch of big bass moving up the systems and it just goes to show change can pay off! Next time your getting frustrating, take a risk, get off the beaten track or just try something different.



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