Morning Glory

21 December 2015

Early mornings. Slow for some. Fun for others. With Ben recently welcoming another baby boy into the world a super quick morning session was on the cards.

Our lures hit the water by 5:30am and like always we were happy to be deep in the creeks again. It wasn’t long before we starting to enjoy some deeper pools and received surface strikes of varying commitment. We approached a nice stretch of water with shaded edges and gave each other “the look” after seeing some surface activity ahead. A single accurate cast down the line and I was on after a reasonable surface strike. Spat the hook. Just as I dropped a few obscenities and threw my arms up, the bass hit my lure as I lazily pulled my lure in. Stuffed it. It’s a really valuable lesson to always give your lure the full and proper retrieval it deserves even after missing a hook up or dropping a fish.

Ben tried soon after with no luck and moving on to the next pool proved effective as we landed a few smaller models.

Red Assault Beetle from Ando Lures doing the damage early


Even the smaller bass love the 60mm Bass Crawler from Ando Lures

 It wasn’t long between the stubbed toes and fallen trees we hit a very nice stretch of water that looked idyllic and rugged at the same. We both agreed it would be a fine spot to try bass on fly. My first cast in a back pool resulted in me watching (clearly) three bass come up and smash the lure resulting in a hook for me to lose her before landing. I was frustrated. Ben was calling me over again and again as he witness bassed feeding on the water. I gave in and came over. Proved a brilliant move. We managed a bunch of beautiful healthy bass. We just could not get enough!!!

“Mullet” 60mm Bass Crawler has a noisy retrieve which helps turn them on at times


“Red” 50mm Assault Beetle imitates distressed bush beetles


I sight casted this one feeding in ankle deep water… cast & BOOM!

 As the morning got brighter and the cows got louder we moved on another km or so before Ben landed a thumper that darted out from root ball and smacked the Bass Crawler off the top water! The specimen was super healthy and measured around 40cm.


Ben was very pleased with this very thick bass

As a storm came on quickly and the rain came we had to leave just as the bass turned on big time. Landing and losing fish with most casts at a very productive pool we had to call it a day after another brawler! We believe pre storm / during storm is a great time for bass.

Both swam away to fight again; we release all our bass and take great care on release

I fished very light with a pfluger trion 2-4kg rod matched with the shimano Stradic ci4 1000 and 6lb braid with 8lb leader. Ben’s reel of choice was the Daiwa TD Sol ll 2000 and 10lb braid with 14lb leader. Managed a bakers dozen in a productive pre-storm 3 hour session. We left having enjoyed the terrain in all its glory.

Team Fishflix, fish for fun; stay for the journey.


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